The KOMA® Kovert™ Collection

of PVC trim boards, skirt boards and corner boards provide builders, remodelers and Celuka Challengecontractors with great looking siding enhancements that can be installed very quickly, and that will outlast all others. KOMA Kovert can be used with all types of siding, including fiber cement, cedar clapboard, shingles, and vinyl siding.

The unique Celuka extrusion process gives KOMA Kovert the hardest, most durable surface in the industry, and the most exacting thicknesses ever manufactured. They won't rot, dent, mar or scratch. KOMA Kovert can be perfectly installed, every time, and features superior paint-ability, sand-ability and work-ability.

Extra care, including delivery of boards wrapped in packs of two or four, ensures KOMA Kovert arrives without damage at your lumberyard, and at the job site, helping you reduce costly returns and minimizing waste, therefore increasing your productivity, and profitability.

KOMA Kovert Trim Boards are available in 6 options, and have been designed to give the installer a time saving advantage, and the homeowner an appealing outcome.

KOMA Kovert Skirt Boards provide clearance from ground contact that is needed for siding such as fiber cement, while also enhancing the architectural beauty of the home.

KOMA Kovert Corner Boards allow installers to shorten installation time without having to have exact precision on siding end cuts. Because these corner boards are constructed from a single piece of trim board, there are no seams to separate.

KOMA Kovert houses

KOMA Kovert COLLECTION The KOMA® Kovert™ Collection