• Best trim choice in surface durability
  • Excellent paint adhesion for custom color application
  • Spot sanding blend
  • Insect-resistant
  • Impervious to moisture
  • UV stable unpainted
  • Easy to nail, glue, rout or cut
  • Workable with same tools and fasteners as wood


Frequently Asked Questions About KOMA® Products

What makes KOMA Products the ideal replacement for wood or other alternatives?
KOMA Products is an extruded PVC product and will not be affected by moisture. This means the boards will not warp, cup, twist, or rot. KOMA Products are also impervious to salt and insects and will never need to be replaced.

How do I fasten KOMA Products?
You can use nails, screws, and construction adhesives to fasten KOMA Products to wood, masonry and other materials and surfaces. When you want KOMA Products to adhere to each other, use KOMA Adhesives for an excellent bond and a perfect color match. You can also use PVC cement or a high quality polyurethane adhesive. Do not use a silicone based product.

What fasteners can be used with KOMA Products?
Any rust-proof woodworking fastener will work with KOMA products. We recommend stainless steel. Hot-dipped galvanized fasteners can also be used. KOMA products do not require pre-drilling unless large fasteners are used or the product is installed in low temperatures. KOMA Products work well with finish nail guns using rust-proof nails. Avoid using fine-threaded wood screws or ring-shank nails. Fill fastener holes with KOMA Adhesives.

What cleaners are recommended for use with KOMA Products?
Household cleaners such as Clorox® Cleanup or Soft Scrub should remove most common soils and stains. For more stubborn situations, Clorox® Outdoors is recommended. Use with a stainless steel brush and scrub with the grain. Do not use cleaners containing acid or solvents like MEK, acetone, or toluol. Ground in or abraded stains can be removed with 100 grit sandpaper. Lightly sand with the grain until stain is removed.

Will KOMA Products take paint?
KOMA Trim boards are UV-resistant and do not require paint for protection. They may be painted to achieve a custom color and the special proprietary surface allows paint to bond better than with all other PVC products. Use interior or exterior paint with a value of #55 or higher on the Light Reflective Value scale. Avoid painting KOMA product surfaces dark colors in areas of direct sunlight.

Where can I find guidelines for installing KOMA Products?
You may download KOMA Products Installation Guidelines from this site. They are found in the Literature section.

Am I protected by a KOMA Products warranty?
KOMA Products carry a strong product warranty for your protection. It can be found in the Literature section of this site.

Where do I go when I have questions or concerns?
KOMA Products are backed by Kommerling, a trusted leader in PVC construction materials. Our experienced staff is available to answer questions and help you realize the greatest value from our products.

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