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KOMA Celuka Challenge


Thank you for your interest in taking the KOMA Celuka Challenge. We believe you'll quickly see how easy it is to make “The Hard Choice” once you experience for yourself the benefits of KOMA products made using the unique Celuka Extrusion Process.

To proceed, simply click on the I ACCEPT IT button beneath the KOMA ball cap and we'll send you a no-obligation demonstration kit so you can experience, first-hand, the benefits a harder surface can make for your business.

You'll receive everything needed to perform three simple, yet quite valuable tests:

1. Dent Test
Celuka ChallengeSee for yourself that KOMA Celuka is the best trim choice in surface durability

2. Ball Bearing Test
See how KOMA Celuka eliminates damaged product returns, keeping your jobs on schedule

3. Sandpaper Test
See how cleaning up dirt spots and fingerprints left from installation is a snap with KOMA Celuka

Once you receive your KOMA Celuka Challenge Kit, and perform these three easy tests, please return to this page and enter your results by clicking on the I DID IT button. We'll send you a FREE KOMA Ball Cap and the location of the dealer/distributor nearest you. Of course to see where it really counts – on the job – place an order through your dealer/distributor and reference the KOMA Celuka Challenge – you'll receive KOMA Celuka for the same price as KOMA Free Foam.

Now that's playing hardball!

Celuka Challenge

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